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Hydraulic, electrical and mechanical safety protection
Computerized LCD display monitor control system.
Injection transducer control
Clamping and ejection transducer control
Circuit for hydraulic and electric for core pull and un-screwing devices
Automatic mold height adjusting and monitoring system
Low-pressure clamping circuit
Differential hydraulic circuit for clamping
Automatic lubricator
Air ejector device
Hydraulic oil over heat alarm
Long and short nozzles
Anti-vibration foundation pads
Mold clamp
Tool box one set
Mold hanger bracket and pulley one set
For models below SW-200B
Mold eject rod
Cooling water manifold device
Pneumatically operated safety door(For models above SW-400B)

Hydraulic logic circuit system
For model above SW-300B is standard
Twin output energy saving pump
Variable plunger type energy saving pump with high speed servo control system
Larger pump high-speed hydraulic circuit
Injection system high-speed or high-pressure design
Accumulator with injection closed loop servo control system
Unscrew hydraulic motor
Bakelite/Urea thermosetting plastic injection device
Closed loop and pressure-inducing injection device
Multi-stage screw back pressure adjustment
Blast welded screw
Bimetallic wear resistance screw and barrel set
Double core device
Hopper dryer